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Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Tree Montessori House of Children follows the Montessori philosophy, educational philosophy and approach to learning that begins at a child's birth and continues through to adulthood.

You must be getting more curious about us and have plenty of questions. Let's see if we can answer some of them. Take a look below to see if we have satisfied your curiosity!

What are the School Timings?
Our school working hours are 08:00 am - 13:00 pm.

Timings for our students:
When your child first joins us, we keep them for 0.5 hours, gradually increasing their timings as they adjust to their new environment. When your children are comfortable in their new environment normal timings are resumed as given below:

Children below the age of three years: 8:30 am to 12 noon.
Children above the age of 3 years: 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.

What are the charges?
We have a one-time fee, the admission charge which will be declared to you after we have called you for a meeting. The admission charge includes the fees for one-month. It also includes a deposit amount which is returned to you when your child leaves the school.

What are the session charges?
The session charges are paid in April. This charge is applicable when your child enters a new session.

What are the monthly charges?
Our monthly charges are declared to you at the time of discussion. The breakdown of the charges is given to you during the time of admission.

How to submit the monthly school fee?
The school fee must be submitted in cash or by demand draft, at the school office. A late fee is applied after the 10th of every month. During the time of holidays, the fee needs to be paid in advance. You will be informed of the same in the school diary.

What is Learning Tree's selection criteria?
We do not have any selection criteria. Children are awarded seats in the school depending on availability.

Does LT conducts summer camp?
Yes, we do host summer camps. Ask your teacher what we have in store for you this year!
This year because of the Covid-19 crisis we may not host special activities like summer camps during the year.

Does LT provide any school transport options?
No bus or carpool services are provided by the school. We will give you information about anyone coming from the same area so you can form your carpool.

How do we use school ID cards?
Your child will be issued the school ID card during the time of admission. We do not allow your children to leave our care without their ID cards. Any loss of the ID card needs to be informed to the school immediately.

Do you offer visiting days?
Our parents are invited to visit the school premises during the Open House event, parent-teacher meetings, and many other events during the school year. However, we do not allow parents to come and be present in the environment at any other time. This is to prevent the children from being disturbed; as they take time to adjust to the new environment.

What is LT uniform policy?
We do not have any school uniform.

What kind of stationery must be provided by parents?
Parents do not have to buy any stationery for their children. Everything is provided by the school.

What grade and classes are offered in LT?
Our children are of a varied age range (about 1.8-6 years); the time they spend with us is called pre-primary.

How do we prepare your child to get ready for primary school?
We always keep in mind that the child has to be admitted to a primary school. Therefore, we prepare him/her fully for the same through our specialized individual coaching.

My child is not toilet trained. Can he/she still come to school?
Yes, we will help your child with toilet-training in school.

What is our medium of instruction?
Our medium of instruction is English. We do introduce vernacular languages to the child when they are old enough.

What are the extra curricular activities offered in LT?
We conduct several, varied, extra-curricular activities, such as sports, picnic, concert, a celebration of festivals, art and craft, storytelling, music and movement, dramatics, puppet shows, book fairs and nature walks.

Workshops and seminars are conducted, annually, for the parents to develop an awareness of Montessori education and other relevant topics like nutrition, storytelling, learning difficulties etc.

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